Annuity Projects

DBL Mundargi Harapanahalli Tollway Ltd (DMHTL), Karnataka

Commercial Operations Date - 23rd Feb 2018

51.21 Km

Approx. Route length

Mundargi - Harapanahalli


23rd Feb 2018

Commercial Operations Date


DBL Mundargi Harapanahalli Tollways Limited Project (DMHTL) was incorporated on October 16, 2015. DMHTL entered into a Concession Agreement dated December 16, 2015 with Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited of India (the “Authority”). The DMHTL project was awarded to Dilip Buildcon Limited (DBL) by Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited of India on September 11, 2015 for 10 years of Operation & Maintenance period along with Construction period of 2 Years from the Appointed Date i.e. 29th September 2016 of the DMHTL Project, on design, build, operate and transfer (the ‘DBFMOT) on Annuity basis. The Project have successfully achieved its PCOD on 23rd Feb 2018.

The Government of India had entrusted the existing State Highway (Approx. Length 51.21 Km) to the Authority on of Design, Build, Finance, operate and maintain and transfer (DBFMOT). The Authority had resolved to augment the existing road sections 27C (Km 0.000- Km 24.885), 27D (Km 0.000 - Km 17.048) of the existing State Highway (Approx. Length 51.21 Km) on the Mundargi- Harapanahalli section in the state of Karnataka on design, build, operate, maintain and transfer (the ‘DBFMOT) on Annuity basis.

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